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Company’s name is very important for First Impression, Brand Growth, Business Definition/Vision & Motivation.

As per our research, we have found that 60-65 per cent of cases get a re-submission or an objection because of Name Reservation related issues and hence delay in company incorporation and its functions.

StartupHomie, has an expert team of professionals who will provide consulting and solution for Name Reservation issues with 100% assurance. We at StartHomie, always believe and committed to supporting any startup or existing company to get the desired name allocated.

More about Name Reservation/Allocation:

To start a new business, one of the most important things comes to our mind is “Name of the Business Entity”. The Name of the Business should be unique and different from other business entities but at the same time also fulfil other criteria’s for your business growth.. It should cater:

  • First Impression
  • Brand Growth
  • Business Definition/Vision
  • Motivation

As there are millions of companies already incorporated in India, there are times we find it hard to get our desired name allocated or reserved. Also, many name reservation application gets rejections or re-submissions.

The common causes of these rejections or re-submissions could be many but few are as follows:

  • Already existing name: Means other company has already reserved or allocated the same name.
  • The resemblance with existing Trademark: Any resemblance of applied Name with an already existing trademark of other company could lead to rejection or re-submission.
  • General Name: Any Name applied which is too general and does not make sense could also lead to rejection or re-submission. For Example XYZ Private Limited, Marble Private Limited, Silk Industries Limited etc.
  • Phonetic Similarities: If an applied name is resembling with the already existing name while pronouncing, the applied name may lead to rejection or re-submission.
  • Restricted words: If applied name comprises of the restricted word(s), then it will get a rejection. Examples of restricted words: Commission, Central, Federal, Republic, Union etc.
  • There could be other causes also: The final verdict of name allocation or reservation is on MCA’s discretion.

MCA has provided two online forms to get your company name reserved namely RUN (Reserve Unique Name) and SPICE (Single form for name reservation and company incorporation).

MCA has made it very simple to get a new company name reserved and allocated. Still, we see many rejections/re submissions on this application.

As we already mentioned the causes above, a careful analysis before applying for company name can prevent rejections or re-submissions.

StartupHomie wishes you all the best that you get your desired name reserved and allocated.emotional support animal registration